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They beckoned me from across the river, the ship ready to sail. ‘Go! ‘ I said: ‘for that which I have set out to find is almost abreast’. As they sailed off, I sat down and counted my blessings  

A Passionate Entity

In 2009, the UN cultural organisation Unesco declared Nollywood as the secondbiggest film industry in the world. Great news that is but how many people dare to legitimately ask: “Where is Animation?”
Shrinkfish® Ltd was founded in November 2009 by group of individuals who share a passion and conviction of animation being a great channel for a cross-cultural exchange. Our main goal in Animation is to contribute to the African film-making industry through this means: to explore the African folklores and create awareness of these through cinematographic interpretations which lie within the realms of the current globalized social lifestyles

Culture-driven Pursuits

Looking at the structure of most film festivals in places like Europe, Asia and North America, it is clear to see that animation films which are based on African stories or are playing in the African environment are either underrepresented or totally missing. Thus Shrinkfish® is aimed at giving African content a respectful place in the international market while at the same time offering the home-based entrepreneurs the opportunity of having their content developed by an indigenous institution, thus with much more economical options from having these done outside of the country.

Talent Support Initiatives

We are also channeling our energies towards building up young talented people in the audio-visual sector through workshops, hands-on training and animation classes. Because of a long-standing pledge and our passionate conviction of our aims, our mission goes beyond making animatied films and offering our services on a commercial platform Thus in partnership with other bodies, we are also engaged in sustainable Training initiatives for children of very poor backgrounds, who are talented in the art of visual story-telling. This will be elaborated on through a new link ‘Causes’ which would be aded as we continue to develop our site.