The Legacy of Rubies

…African Cinema is to a greater extent unfortunately still unknown in Europe. A Project like “The Legacy of Rubies” is therefore of a big relevance because it will give the European Audience a closer understanding of the African Mythology…  interfilm berlin evaluated the project


Jan 08 2016

The Legacy of Rubies

Our 2015 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) winning Animation is now available in full length on VOD

Head over there instantly and check if your region is covered. You can own it for 0.99cent for a 1 week streaming period.


MFALME, a young forest boy  is kidnapped and brought to a strange palace in a place called Airegin, with the claim that he is the blood son of the dying King Obankosi and the chosen successor to the throne.
Not just that, he is given a mandatory assignment which he has to fulfil before he can either accept or reject their offer. So, accompanied by the little palace boy with whom he struck up a friendship, he is forced on a journey he least reckoned with.

We would like to say a big “Thank You!” to anyone who contributed in any manner towards making this happen. Connect with us on the Film’s Facebook Page to get updates on the journey of the film which is already being sent around to festivals.


- Best Animation | 2015 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)
- Best Animation | 2015 Africa International Film Festival
- Best Animation | 2015 Silicon Valley African Film Festival
- Best Animation | 2015 Out of Africa International Film Festival OOAIFF


Some Stills



Script: Ebele Okoye / Script Adviser: Moritz Mayerhofer / Director: Ebele Okoye / Original Theme: Deane Ogden / Score: Oliver Sadie / Theme Vocals: Jordynn Towne / Animation , Clean-up, Colouring Crew: Ebele Okoye, Francesco Cerra, George Roberts, Roman Apinan, Ana Paraiso, Eliza Bindi, Gillian Olunta, Tshepiso James Kwakwa, Okereke Chijioke, Adelowo Tosin,  / Producer Nigeria: Shrinkfish Ltd. / Producer Germany: Ebele Okoye / Co-Ordinator Nigeria: Hafeez Oluwa / Post Production Germany: Wave-Line GmbH / Post Production Nigeria: 17-17  Audio Labs, Lagos


Andreas Weber /  Olukayode AbobadoyeDeboh Adeaga / Ebuka Acheleke / Efosa Umemgweve


Format: DVD, Digital Files, DCP (jpg2000) / Image: Colour / Length: 25:00 Mins / Technique: 2D Animation / Language: English / Countries of Production. Germany, Nigeria & USA / Year of Production: 2015 / First Broadcast Rights Germany & France. ZDF/ ARTE / First Distribution Rights USA & Canada: Focus Features Africa First


Director’s Statement

Growing up in the south eastern part of Nigeria, story-telling was part of my communal life. These stories were African mythologies which were handed down orally, mostly by an older person around a crackling fire or by moonlight gatherings. As a child whose biggest daylight companions were the “Charlie Brown” comics crew, I developed a very strong urge to extend this companionship to involve the heroes in my orally-handed-down stories told mostly by moonlight or around a crackling fire. READ MORE


Why we did it

“The Legacy of Rubies”is the very first of our numerous planned productions which are based on African stories or are playing in the African environment. We hope to use these to inspire other film makers of African origin to take bolder steps towards Animation.
Also, demonstratively defying the indignations shown towards African animation, we are targeting international film festival, where films based on African stories or are playing in the African environment are either underrepresented or totally missing.

We would like to say “Thank You!”

to our partners and sponsors below- for believing in us and the potentials of “The Legacy Of Rubies”, we are still looking for TV stations (for broadcast rights), Buyers and Distributors (both exclusive and non-exclusive) from any part of the world except of North America which is already in the hands of Focus Features.

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23 Responses to The Legacy of Rubies

  • Oka Maram

    Well this sounds and LOOKS good. Congratulations to all of us on the launching of the new site and good luck with “The Legacy Of Rubies”

  • NearChukwu

    Great looking adorable site + interesting organic projects.
    Meantime, all the joyous + fruitful best to the team…

  • maero ozako

    i do not know the whole tale but i daresay, it already looks fresh and indeed the storyline seems robust…my advice would be that you look at working with some agencies or even collaborating with cinema houses so that you may expose this through screening…what is the core message? this will help.

    • shrinkfish

      Thank you so much Maero and for your support…and the advice. The truth is that we have been fighting since the past 8 months to get Nigerian Cinema Houses to have a look at the project but nothing is moving. Everyone who has the contact of someone always asked “Whats in it for me” As a reply to that question which unfortunately is routine in Africa, we came up with the “Sponscout” consultancy programme which has also started yielding tiny results. (link below).

      Of course it also applies to contact to Cinema Houses; Silverbird, etc. So we are open to anybody who thinks he can work for us as a consultant on this.

  • Ian Clement Jr.

    This looks to be a great work, and a much needed addition to the field of animation. I too am an artist. Is there anyway I can be involved?

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your words. We will have a look at your blog and get back to you accordingly. Have a good start in the year!

  • Nwobodo Michael

    hmm, sounds great; i have been waiting for the day someone will do something that will chaLLEnge WALT DISNEY, DREAMWORKS, PIXAR’s etc’s production and I think from the look of things am seeing here, itsss…..let me keep quite first before I start sounding funny….@shrinfish, I don’t know how to express my joy about this……to every African that loves screens, this kind of things is what he/she should sponsor in order make the westerners know we are more than what they think we are in the media (esp..animation) and doing so, we are showcasing the beauty of our motherland…As for me, I will make sure I help spread this good news accross any website and friends I come accross…..KEEP IT UP SHRNKFSH….the sky will be the starting point.

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      Thank you Michael for your kind words. I think YOU are on the right path too and MIGHT end up being part of the Challenge.

  • Peter Schimmelpfennig

    Liebe Ebele,
    ich war kein Geist und freue mich auf unser nächstes Treffen.

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      Danke Peter. Unsere Reaktioin ist spät weil hier viel zu viel zu tun (und unterbesetzt) ist. Schönen EM Anfang!

  • bakare lukmon akinlara

    nise work shrinkfish love to see the movie when you are through with it,more grace to your elbow guys you are doing a great an illustrator really love to work with you guys some day soon thanks

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      Thanks Lukmon. Lets see how it goes then.

  • Onah Michael Chidozie

    Am glad to see a work like this, please how can I be involved so that I can contribute my own literary material, directional concept both visual and audio, especially the musical aspect. I have stories though not scripted yet, the name is ‘STRANGER IN DISGUISE” This story is a full fleshed African story, embellished and ornamented with African Originality which in the one the scenes I have the Lion saving a Character called Ijeoma. may be I will post the synopsis of the opening scene. Please I want to be involved I have things to offer.

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      Thanks for your comment.
      As at the time you wrote it, we have not met.
      Eventually you attended the smedLAB Animation Course 2013. It was great to have there.
      Now 10 months after your comment, and in consideration of ythe content, it is really not surprising that the democraticalyy chosen story for the smedLAB students’ project came from YOU. You have proven to be a good story-teller.
      Hopefully you can collectively come out with an impressive work

  • Marleen

    Dear Ebele!
    Looks like an excellent piece of Artwork! I’d say it’s worth to give it a try to start a funding campaign on
    How it works? I’ll send you an email;-)
    Hugzzz, Marleen

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      Thanks a lot Marleen and sorry for the late reaction. Unfortunately this is too late for indiegogo but definitely for next projects

  • Tshepiso James kwakwa

    This looks very good I am proud very proud” my African brothers and sisters’ paving the way

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      Thanks James…just seeing this now. Production stress :)

  • Hafeez Oluwa

    Hello Ebele,
    Keep up the good work…The Legacy of Rubies is definitely on my ‘must see list before I get hit by a bus or lightening’…
    Wish you all the best

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      Thank you very much Hafeez. YOU have also been very supportive in all we are doing. Glad that we connected. Lets see where we can take it nex. All the best fro you for the rest of your service year

  • Olubunmi john

    There is hope for nigeria…and this is more reason for me to keep learning…i don’t want to be left out when another project arrives….good job mrs ebele

  • sesmedia

    hi u guys doing a good job keep it up, I am a 3d animator. congrats for winning the amaa I feel inspired by your work.

    • shrinkfishADMIN

      THanks a lot for the encouragement and pardon the late reply

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