Some Animations from our Studio

Animated Music Video “Closer N’ Closer” (Prod. Feb. 2013)

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Animated Music Video “Closer N’ Closer” from shrinkfish on Vimeo.

“Closer N Closer” is an animated music video of the track of same title from the Album “Fortune N’ The slave” by the reggae singer Ketchy Dons.

This is not a usual music video. When the musician approached Shrinkfish to animate a track from his Album “Fortune N’ The Slave” the track “Closer N’ Closer” caught on instantly due to the MESSAGE it carries. It was as a result of this message that we have decided to create a STORY around the music.
The story is built around a “forbidden attraction” between two teenagers from different social classes.

The production was plagued by a lot of set backs (4 deaths in the families) The story got hanged over and over again until a very simple and uncomplicated form was found through which this message could be relayed.

Ketchy Dons is not just the name of an artist that plays good music.Ketchy Dons represents many things but most of all, a dream that is worth living.

We are very happy to have finished this very rare co-production, actually the first of its kind in Nigeria bringing together a local singer and a local animation studio.

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Short Film: The Essence (Prod. 2010)

The Essence from shrinkfish on Vimeo.

Amidst the heavy famine and distress which have befallen his isolated community, a farmer dares to cry to the
heavens for help but what he receives is far from what he was expecting.



Short Film: Patterns (Prod. 2009)

Patterns from shrinkfish on Vimeo.