I used to travel distant lands searching for the goodies. Now I found them at my own doorstep! 

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Animated Music Video “Closer N’ Closer” from shrinkfish on Vimeo.

WHO and where is Shrinkfish?

Shrinkfish® is a very young but experienced media and animation studio in Abuja, with some connections in Berlin. Shrinkfish® was borne out of an OLD passion and dream for media & animation which took over 30 years to fulfill. You wonder?

WHAT makes us different?

In addition to producing ANIMATIONS, we are also MEDIA EXPERTS, building  great-looking, functional WEBSITES (like this one); creating unique CORPORATE IMAGE and BRANDING SOLUTIONS for your business or personal needs.

HOW do we go about it?

Our success is based on a disciplined approach. Working with a top African and European team whose experiences in media practices go back to over 20 years, we put our clients’ needs  first; tailoring them around their individual needs and budgets.